Make Money Online (Advantages and Disadvantages)

7 Most Popular Ways To Make Money Online + Advantages and Disadvantages

Lets say if you want to gain more financial freedom but do not wish to spend too much time on it then making money online maybe a good choice for you to make money online.

There are many ways to make money online so read below of the advantages and disadvantages:


Seven of the most popular ways to make money online:

Contents of this article:

  • 1: Selling a product or service
  • 2: Affiliation of a product
  • 3: making money online with google adsense
  • 4: Multilevel marketing
  • 5: Other advertising opportunities
  • 6: Chores do for others
  • 7: Invest

1: Selling a product or service

make money online

We have multiple sites where we sell products ourselves (mostly E-books).

The disadvantage of creating a product is that it takes more considerable time. If you’re a beginner, started off by creating a website or a product then it may be taking up much of your times and efforts which need to be done promptly.

After a few months past, you found that the market where you are focusing, investing and spending much time with was not as good as you thought previously, because your website or blog was getting less visitors and they are less willing to purchase a product. End up, you have been working for nothing.

In my own experience I also once a beginner, too have made that mistake by starting off in the wrong niche so that was indeed a waste of my work.

Apart from the above, a product sales is a great way to make money online.

It is therefore advisable to ask yourself how much money you want to earn online, or it may be in the market where you want to head.

To see if there is a lot of searches for your market, I suggest you do some brainstorming of all the words that have to do with your market.

If you’ve done them all, enter them into the Google keyword tool .

Now you can see how many people are searching for particular words that have to do with your interest.

This is one of the ways to see if you can get enough visitors to your site. Apparently I digress a bit from the story.

If you think a market is good enough for what you want and you have enough knowledge to make a product in this market then I would say “go for it”.

On your product are higher profit margins than you get when promoting someone else’s product.

Another reason why I’m doing this myself because I like to help people by providing valuable products or information.

Benefits at a glance:

  • You help people
  • You can make lots of money
  • Can be fully automated

All the cons:

  • A lot of work
  • You have to do the customer service
  • It may be complicated
  • Can fail despite much work


2: Affiliation of a product

make money online

I personally think this may be the best way or good choices to make money online, for a beginner. As a beginner, you surely want to see as quickly as possible proof that you can make some money online.

You want it fast and simple, affiliate of a product is very suitable for this purpose.Therefore, we will have much more about it on this website.

As an affiliate you promote a product from another and you get every time a sale is made as a percentage of the profits.

This is usually remembered by a cookie on your computer that stores the visitor who clicks on your unique link.

If the visitor buys the product from the person you are promoting will see his system that there was a sale.

Here you have unique business and systems, they specialize in arranging payments and affiliate programs of companies.

So you do not have to worry about one specific person holding your money;).

Simply put you just have people who are interested in products of a given market to click your link and you earn money.

In practice, you do need to do something more your best but the biggest advantage is that you as an affiliate can earn money quickly. All within a month if you do it right. An affiliate of one of our E-books has three pages website and can be found as well in google that he alone deserves all this usd 1,000 per month.

Creating a website with 3 additional articles of 500 words already earn a total income of usd 1,000 per month. There is no other way in the world to make money so quickly.

In this case, it is very easy gone but this just an example of how fast it can go if you do it right. On the other hand, we also know again people who have websites with dozens of pages and articles and only earn usd 100 per month, you have to know what you’re doing.

The only downside that many people mention is that profit margins are often smaller compared to selling your own product.

Itself we sell and promote products that 50 or 60% of the profits give, if you do it alone you will get 100% but you have to make a product, a sales page, and customers do service.

It may also be that the people you promote are better than you in promoting the ebook which if you are going to sell a product and 100% yet arrested are earning less. It has both its pros and cons, you will have to consider for themselves what is best for you.

Benefits at a glance:

  • You can make money online fast
  • Little work and can be fully automated
  • relatively simple
  • You can easily change the product (s) you are promoting
  • You can make lots of money

All the cons:

  • profit margins are lower than in selling their own product or service

Want to know what are the best affiliate programs to make money online?

Check out this article:

The best affiliate programs and systems to make money online

make money online


3: Make money online with google adsense

make money online

Personally, I would only recommend AdSense to use as your visitors not to be one looking for something specific.

If so, then you have put a banner with an advertisement for a particular product or service on your website but if it’s not relevant to what visitors want then you have nothing to it.

Adsense is a better option, Google created AdSense automatically to the visitor to customize the ads. If a visitor has often been on sites about cars than Google knows this and often gets users to automatically see ads about cars.

By putting adsense on your site you can choose whether Google ads automatically adapts to the visitor or the content on that page.

Adsense is ideal if you have a large site with many visitors and is not specific to each page to track which affiliate programs are the best fit.

One disadvantage that you will always have with Adsense is that it generates less revenue than if you as an affiliate promoting one particular product which is identical with the interests of your visitors.

So I would say, you have a large site with many visitors all have different interests than using adsense, if it does not, then place affiliate links.

Via Adsense is the way you pay per click.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Automatically adapts to the visitor and the content
  • Can be fully automated

All the cons:

  • You get very little money per click.


4: Multilevel marketing

make money online

It has been around a long time and has a very bad name.

I myself have no firsthand experience of multilevel marketing so you can only tell so much.

But I have many friends who do this.

Multi level marketing is that you are buying access to a multilevel marketing business so you can access it again resell it to someone else.

If this person who made you join also someone manages to work for the multi level marketing business then you get commission on that. There are a lot of different variants.

What I noticed is that there are few or no people are earning their money among the richest people in the world via multilevel marketing.

Acquaintances of mine have not enough money this call verdient.Ze passive income, but people stop all there pretty quickly because they have little or nothing to earn it.So finally stops almost everyone within a year you’ve arranged. It remains active work.

I do not want to completely debunk because there are people who have some extra pocket money earn, it remains a fact that most people are not successful in his or because they are too lazy and had expected that they would be instantly rich.

Another advantage is that you do not have websites or anything to do. All you need to do is to convince others that this is a good way to make money.

Benefits at a glance:

All the cons:

  • Very bad name
  • Many people call it scams
  • actively work for money


5: Other

Other advertising opportunities

make money online

You can also offer advertising space on your website, distributing some links for money or variants use adsense.

I summarizes all together in one row because they are a good earning model in almost none of the cases.

I will appoint three types

1 Variations on google adsense I would only recommend if you have a website that is not allowed adsense (a pornographic website for example), then it could still be useful. When your adsense earning almost always more per click and their system works much better so you get more clicks.

2 A site where people have ad space buy can bring a lot of money but it remains an active job to arrange continuous people to advertise.

If you can promote a product where you get a high commission on which I will always be preferable to rent ad space. It may be helpful if you can sell it above its value. Tricky remains that if you do not sell ad space for a month you have no income.

3 There are also systems that earn you just need a link to spread and what clicks to get it to make money. This is usually seen as pennies from the ground afrapen.With this type of system you usually get very little per klik.Dit guess I always wonder because you can never really make money with it.

50 visitors send through your affiliate link may € 20 in one pose at a sale while if you 5 cents per click on a link to get through another system you earn just € 2.50 after 50 clicks.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Depending on how you want to earn money adverentie alternative methods might work better than other methods

All the cons:

  • People usually earn less with this.


6: Chores do for others

make money online

You can also do chores for others. you can use this on offer. Depending on where you are good at, you can offer services.

You can write texts for people, translate, create websites, creating logos, you name it.

We ourselves have a freelance writer who sometimes writes something to us that deserves a few thousand usd per month. If you do it well you can so well deserve it but usually you will earn on average much money by doing chores for others.

If you really want to be rich then you will not be by doing chores for others.

Benefits at a glance:

  • If you can do something if it is relatively simple
  • You can earn okay

All the cons:

  • It will not make them rich
  • less freedom


7: Invest

make money online

If you do it right, investing is a great way to make money online.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, each year increasing its capacity by 20 to 25%. This is not high if you have only a small capital and want to get rich quick, but it is extremely high when you consider that he has billions of euros and has done so dozens of years.

It turns out that loses 95% of people with money of shares. That is a VERY HIGH percentage so.

There are many people who claim that you can earn more money than increasing your power of 25% per year but if you look at what makes the richest investor per year and the percentage of people lose their money than you can ask yourself how much risk you want to take and how secure you want to go with your money.

Investing I use myself as a way to grow my savings stable at a fairly passive way.Investing is definitely something to think about if you already have some savings and want to save in the long run in a smart way.

If you’re starting this process, I suggest you take little risk, you read correctly and to focus on the long term.

Benefits at a glance:

  • It can be fully automated.
  • You can make it VERY much with

All the cons:

  • Takes a long time if you want to do it safely
  • If you have little money to invest you can only earn good money if you take (too) high risks

Those were the seven ways to make money online.


If you’re still earning about these ways of online money or comments, please post a comment below.

If you can complete then I will also appreciate the rows in front or disadvantages in the reaction.


make money online
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